In the past ten years over 8000 of my 11,000 clients have come directly from 98 Talent Agencies and 55 Modeling Agencies that I work with. Based on these relationships I have placed over 1300 people with agents. Your first step is to setup a photoshoot for Headshots. That is literally the only money you should spend because no real agent will ever ask for money, and I can prep you for agent interviews myself. My $395 Headshot session includes unlimited looks, copyright, four retouched 8 x 10's, help with resume, coaching for agent interviews, and agency referral. If you are not happy I shoot again for free up to 30 days, and I extend that to six months for agents. You leave with your complete portfolio in hand.

The Monday after we email your pictures along with resume to all 355 agents that look at our new clients. If two weeks go by and you are not contacted then follow up every other Monday and we will keep resubmitting you. There is no charge for any agent referral services and of course you need to be one of our clients. Agent referral is included with your shoot. I deal with agents everyday.

Once you get an agent if three months go by with no auditions call me back. We will drop that agent and find a new. Three to four months is long enough to see if you have the right agent for you. You might go through a couple or be with your next agent for ten years. We don't know. That is how the real industry works

Best regards,

Terrence F Frick, Jr., MBA