Terry Frick here,

In the past eight years over 5200 of our 9000 plus clients have come directly from 98 Screen Actors Guild Talent Agencies and 55 Modeling Agencies we work with. Based on these relationships we have placed over 985 people with good, legitimate agents. Before calling please review our website and verify our standing with the Better Business Bureau by clicking on the BBB link in the upper right hand corner of the main page. That way you will know we are legitimate. Also, be sure to read plenty of the reviews by clicking "Read Customer Reviews" in the middle of the BBB profile. There are over 117 independent third-party reviews from both agents and clients.

Your first step in getting a modeling agent is to come in for a Fashion Photo shoot. That is literally the only money you should spend because if an agent likes you they're gonna work with you regardless. Remember, no legitimate agent will ever ask for money and don't pay any modeling schools, your agent will have you work with a coach briefly to cover auditions then get you out there. You will get good at auditions by doing them not sitting in a classroom. The more you do the better you get. Eventually you will start booking work and that is when your agent would then earn a commission.

So remember, a Fashion Portfolio to get the agent, then access to a good coach thereafter, if needed. We charge $995 for a Fashion Portfolio, which includes eight looks fashion on location, hair/makeup/stylist, proofsheets, copyright, eight retouched 8 x 10's, and CD. Your printed portfolio will be ready for pickup the next business day. When you are in front of an agent they are thinking about money not art, so you want to give them as much diversity in your look as possible. The more ways they can submit you the more money everyone makes. Again, it is all about money!

The Monday after your shoot give use a call and we would immediately get you in front of modeling agencies starting with the big three: Ford, LA Models, and Wilhelmina. If they pass on you and you are available for more go-sees, we can get you seen by a dozen or so other modeling agencies we work with in as little as two weeks. We are serious about your career if you are. They will look at you and your book for about five minutes and will either want you or not.

If an agency does sign you they will not ask for any money. They earn their commission when you book, which is typically 20 percent. If the high fashion agencies do not workout, we can submit you via email to all 285 commercial/theatrical agents that look at our new clients to generate interviews to help get you represented as well. If two weeks go by and you don't get picked up please follow-up with us every other Monday via email and we will be glad to keep resubmitting you. Send an email with your name, current phone number, and type "resubmit" in the subject line. There is no charge for this. We deal with agents everyday and it takes us about a minute to submit you. If we don't hear from you we do not know to resubmit you.

If you do get an agent through us and after two months you don't get any auditions call us back, drop that agent, and we will pickup resubmitting you to find another agent that will work harder for you. It is not common but sometimes you can be forgotten about by your agent and that does you no good. There is still no charge for us to pick up resubmitting you. It takes a minute and its good business for everyone involved.

Many people take modeling classes and treat modeling like a hobby. Many of these types are more into the modeling schools then the real world of being a money-making professional model. If that is you, then we are not for you. We work with represented models and individuals that are serious about being money-making professionals. You can sit in a class or get out there in front of real casting directors and make money. It's that simple.

Terry Frick
Frick Photography